Wednesday, August 10, 2016

On Monday, August 8, 2016 at 9:59:58 PM UTC-4, Ralph Cinque wrote: 
> She even made her own video about it. She is not a member of the OIC.
A self professed photo expert huh?

She worked for a company that was bought by Corel. She shows in the video
use of a software very similar to Corel Paint Shop Pro, which I have.

She admits in her video that she altered the photos used to make a
proclaimed 99% match. To be blunt...bullshit. You can clearly see that she
changed the aspect ratio of the photo when she skewed the photo, which is
not a rotation of the person in the photo. It only skews the plane of the
original photo.

She's just another Larry Rivera that forces two photos together and calls
it a match. 

Ralph Cinque 

I think an impartial jury is going to be impressed. Like for instance the one at the upcoming mock trial of Lee Harvey Oswald in Houston in November 2017. Do you want to bet? 

Nothing is stopping this guy from using his Corel Paint Shop Pro to show how good the match is between Doorman and Lovelady, but he doesn't do it. Instead, he just wags his lips to tear down what Chana did. 

Even without any technical analysis, even the straight visual is going to impress the jury.  Same man; same clothes.

I don't think the bull shit from the JFK Ops is going to play on the street. There is trouble coming. There is a tsunami coming. 

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