Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I asked Chana Willis to provide her resume' as a photographer, and this is what she sent me:

Photographer since the age of 5 in 1965; Elementary School Newsletter editor 1971-2; First article published in the Dallas Times at 15, W.W.Samuell (Dallas) high school yearbook staff (1976-78) and Editor in Chief 1978; accompanied dad to work (retired US.Navy Photo intelligence) when he worked for Hap Buce at Aero Color; an aerial photography firm; learned to assist in processing black and white film with dad as his Dallas Fire Dept. photo lab in the basement of old city hall on Main (underneath where Ruby shot Oswald); Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, Finance from Texas Tech University, 1983 Photographer of the Year; Dallas Ford Model A Club, 2012-2015 Desktopped software instruction manuals in 1992-3 for Micrografx, for draw and photoshop-type software Executive editor of McKinney Living Magazine early 1990's); Investor Relations coordinator for Dallas Semiconductor, including imaging product slides and financials for board and stockholder meetings. First digital camera in 1999; owned a desktop publishing and business consulting; freelance event and hobby photography and digital photo restoration. Volunteer Firefighter photographer (2001-2010), city of Whitewright fires, first responder medical calls, motor vehicle accidents, MVA deaths; testify to photography work in criminal proceedings and insurance trials. Covered photography on scene searches, rescue, extrication and incident scene image documentation. Photography in the HQ of the Texas National Guard main building at Camp Mabry, on the walls of Firehouse Subs in Sherman, published in Texoma Living Magazine, The Montage Magazine, and former owner / publisher / photographer of the Whitewright Rose newspaper. Volunteer for the Texas Military Family program for almost 19 years. Awarded the Yellow Rose of Texas from the Governor, and the Order of St. Joan D'Arc from the National Armor Association. Assisted privately with digital photo techniques and analysis in helping successfully solve a kidnapping for a Texas police department. Designs websites, logos, produces event digital photography and videoMercials.

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