Monday, August 1, 2016

How could anybody, in his right mind, believe what Robert Oswald said about this photo????

He claimed that it was taken in February 1958 when Lee was on leave from the Marines- a time that Lee most definitely was NOT on leave from the Marines. Furthermore, in February 1958 Lee was only 18 years. Does that look like an 18 year old to you? Look at the diamond shaped hairline. 

And when was the Lee Harvey Oswald of fame ever that large and stocky? NEVER! Here he was the very same year.

The collage above is by John Armstrong. He knows very well that the Oswald seen in Robert Oswald's book was not the Oswald of fame but rather the other one. He's right about that, but I have made him aware that, though the man on the right was definitely "Lee" and not "Harvey", the date can't possibly be February 1958. Lee was not on leave then. He was in the Far East in the Philippines. So, why did Robert Oswald lie? He lied because the picture must have been taken when Harvey was in Russia, and he couldn't admit it. If, supposedly, the one and only LHO was in Russia, then he could hardly be in Texas shooting squirrels at the same time, could he? So, Robert Oswald had to move it up to before Harvey left for Russia. 

So, when was it taken? Judging by how old Lee looks, I would say most likely February 1962, which was just a few months before Harvey got back.

Notice that he's smiling, yet, we see no teeth. Just a black space. Is that because Lee had one of his front teeth knocked out in a fight in the 8th grade? That is obviously not the Lee Harvey Oswald of fame. Anyone who thinks it is is being very obtuse. It's called being in denial.  


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