Monday, August 1, 2016

This is from a very interesting article about the Backyard Photos by Jeff Carter, for which I will provide the link. But, as much as it is about the problems with the Backyard photos, it is about the problems with Marina Oswald's testimony in general, and he seems to agree with me about her: 

"The narrative establishing the origin of the backyard photos is based largely on Marina Oswald’s recollection, but official investigators have often been skeptical of her stories. Her memory lapses tend to recur or intensify unpredictably, spiked by sudden detailed recollections of incidents which are often incredible or absurd (i.e. Lee Oswald’s attempt to assassinate Nixon or wandering busy Oak Cliff for target practice with the rifle jammed in a raincoat). There are moments in her testimonies and interviews where she appears dumb and largely unaware, other times when she is fairly lucid. If there is a pattern, at least in the months following the assassination, it’s the memory lapses and absurd stories occur most frequently over incidents which critics over the years have suspected never actually happened."

Never actually happened? If it is known that Marina Oswald said even one thing that never actually happened then it throws her entire testimony into chaos. If the widow of the accused assassin was telling fabricated stories in testifying, then obviously, we have a very bizarre situation on our hands.

By the way, the outfit of black clothes seen in the Backyard photos were never found among Oswald's possessions nor at the Paine house. And when asked about the clothes, Marine claimed to know nothing about them or to have ever seen them apart from the Backyard photos.

But, it makes no sense. Clothes don't just disappear, and he didn't give them to GoodWill. For goodness sake, what does it take for people to admit that the Backyard photos are fake but they got Marina to sing like a canary about them???? 

"The problem accepting Marina’s fuzzy account of the creation of the backyard photos is partly a psychological one: how is it possible for her to be so vague about details when the event itself was so highly unusual and possibly indicative of a dark turn in her husband’s life? It was purportedly the first and only time she had ever operated a camera, but later she could barely recall the procedure. Supposedly her husband appeared before her wearing strange wardrobe and brandishing firearms which she had not been previously aware. Yet Marina tells the Warren Commission: “I didn’t attach any significance to it at the time.” (WC February 3, 1964) The backyard photo session was apparently never mentioned to Ruth Paine, even as tension in the Oswald’s marriage was a frequent topic of conversation during their burgeoning friendship. Marina’s handwritten narrative about her life with Lee, filled with anecdotal episodes from their marriage, does not mention the backyard photo-taking at all (CE993/994)." 

There's a lot of stuff that Marina didn't mention to Ruth Paine or to anyone else: taking the Backyard photos, Lee having weapons, Lee shooting at Walker, Lee going to Mexico City. All of them are "recovered memories." 

"This begins the phenomenon of Marina Oswald’s recovered memories, later to illuminate the Walker shooting, Lee and the rifle, the trip to Mexico City and so on. They begin shortly after the private interview with Peter Gregory, and one day after the subtle threat to “cooperate” with the government and its representatives. The appearance of the descriptive term “box camera” shortly before the first telling of the backyard story suggests the private Gregory interview may have been less concerned with retelling already known biographical detail, and more concerned with laying out terms of cooperation. If “box camera” was introduced to Marina from an outside source, how this descriptive information was known many weeks ahead of the camera’s later discovery raises serious questions."

Here is the link to Carter's article. It's clear that he thinks Marina told false stories. I know she did, but I need to find out how they got her to do it. Somehow, they indoctrinated her to support and recite their crap, but what specific methods of mind control were used on her?


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