Thursday, August 11, 2016

I am really sick and tired of people, including some who claim to be Oswald defenders, who glibly say that Doorman looks exactly like Lovelady, and they do this without even posting the image of Lovelady to which they are referring. And then, when I hound them about it, they usually make reference to the FBI photo of Lovelady taken on February 29, 1964. Well, first of all, if you are really an Oswald defender, if you know he was framed and innocent, then you have no business trusting ANYTHING from the FBI. They were not trustworthy; they were corrupt; they were in the business of framing Oswald. So, we really shouldn't rely on a staged, posed, propped photo of Lovelady from the FBI- in the first place. But, the fact is that even if we do use it, it does NOT, in the particulars, make a good match to Doorman. I'm saying that when you really break it down to eyes, nose, ears, etc. and compare that it fails to match. So, I have written a blog post about it, which I have bookmarked, and the next time or any time that anyone glibly tries to say that Lovelady matches Doorman, I am going to send them this blog. Fact: that statement, that FBI Lovelady is a good match to Doorman is NOT true, and anyone who says it is either telling a lie or making a misstatement.

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