Thursday, August 11, 2016

Was Oswald innocent?
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Robert Harris 

Think about it. If he was not associated with the
assassination, why would he have to have been silenced by Ruby?

Carlos Marcello told an FBI informant that Ruby was his
"money man" in Dallas. He gave him the money to start his
club and he was in charge of passing out bribes to cops and
other officials.

And a few months later, David Ferrie was overheard at the
Winnipeg airport, expressing fear that LHO had told his wife
about the conspiracy and that she would tell the WC about it.

There was no reason on Earth for him to have been murdered,
unless he had something to tell that would incriminate his

There are other reasons as well. But I think this is the best

Robert Harris 

Ralph Cinque:

Why would Oswald have been silenced by Ruby? Are you completely and totally out of your mind? It's because the charges against him could never hold up in court; they could never let it go to trial. THEY COULDN'T EVEN LET HIM SEE A LAWYER. That's how innocent Oswald was. They had to kill him before he even saw a lawyer because all Hell would break loose for them if he did. And you wonder why "Ruby" (cough, cough) killed him? Repeat: are you completely and totally out of your mind? Have you been doing this so long that you can't even think on a very basic level? It's a serious question.

And you're partly right that Oswald was killed because he had the ability to incriminate some people, but that wasn't the main thing. The main thing was that he could incriminate the whole plot and the whole framing of himself. What would his lawyer have asked him? First, he would have asked him if he did it, and Oswald would have said no. Then, his lawyer would have asked him where he was at the time, and Oswald would have said: in the doorway. Then, the lawyer would have found out about the Altgens photo- if he didn't already know about it- and then they would have been off to the races. 

Furthermore, Oswald could have exposed the photographic chicanery, pertaining to the Altgens photo and the Backyard photos. Recall that he said that the Backyard photo was a manipulated image in which his face was imposed over the body of another man. He told police that, from working at a photo shop, he knew how it was done and could show them, himself. 

Now, if that was his response to the Backyard photos, what do you think he would have said about the Altgens photo? 

On the evening of November 23, Dallas Police and FBI stormed the home of Billy Lovelady to show him the Altgens photo and get his response to it. Well, Lee Harvey Oswald was alive and well that night, so why didn't they simultaneously storm his cell at the Dallas PD and do the same thing, show him the Altgens photo and get him to identify the disputed figure? Why only ask Lovelady about it and not Oswald? It's because they knew what Oswald would say if shown the Altgens photo. 

"That's me. It looks like they did something to it, but that's me. I was there. That's where I was when the shooting occurred."

Have you given any thought to retirement, Bob? You are so completely stupified and in the dark about what happened, and so completely inept and incompetent at analyzing it, that you really shouldn't be doing this.  

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