Tuesday, August 2, 2016

In response to an idiot,  the main thing is that Chandra Levy took note of the fact that Dr. Louis Jolyon West, one of the leading mind control experts in the country, was flown in at least a dozen times to see Timothy McVeigh, and he's the same psychiatrist who was flown in to see Jack Ruby. So, that's a connection between JFK and Oklahoma City for sure, but, since Chandra Levy took note of it, and shortly afterwards wound up dead, it goes to her too. So, the dots get connected from JFK to Oklahoma City to her, Chandra Levy.

And remember, there was a hell of lot of time in-between. We're talking about 1963 to 2001. So, they flew in the same psychiatrist in 2001 that they flew in in 1963, and that doesn't bother you? It's about 1 1/2 human generations, you know. And it just happens to be a psychiatrist who was an expert on mind-control, who had drugged people with LSD without their knowledge or consent? He's steeped in the JFK case, the RFK case (Sirhan Sirhan) and Oklahoma City, and she's prying into it and winds up dead, and that doesn't matter? 

It's been reported that Chandra Levy was involved in selecting the individuals who would be allowed to attend the execution of Timothy McVeigh.  

One thing is for absolute sure: the Chandra Levy murder investigation stinks. Her body was found in Rock Creek Park a year after the park was thoroughly scoured looking for her remains.

And of course, the guy they pinned it on was a hispanic guy with a criminal past but not a murderer, and with no connection to any of this. What was the motive supposed to be? Sex? He raped her? I find that hard to believe. It so happens that she was a very fit, athletic young woman, and he is a small man. I realize that he could have pointed a gun at her and said "take your clothes off." But, did he have sex with her there, out in the open, holding a gun to her head? The point is that this was not a circumstance in which a guy like him could have raped a young woman like her.

They found her bones in the park a year later, but her body would have been fresh and intact when they first searched for her there, so why didn't they find her? 

You know about the case of Mary Pinchot Meyer who was attacked and shot dead in Georgetown in the park along the canal. They tried to pin her murder on Roy Crump, and if he had been saddled with a mediocre lawyer, he surely would have been convicted for it. My gosh, they had multiple witnesses who ID'd him. But, it was all fabricated. Some of the witnesses were fake, where they were in on it, but they also had a Roy Crump double who was there, who made a scene precisely to attract the attention of real witnesses. It's all laid out clearly in Peter Janney's excellent book, Mary's Mosaic. But, the case of Ingmar Quandique was much weaker, both superficially and otherwise, than the case against Roy Crump. Quandique never should have been convicted in the first place. Like Crump, he was framed, but they put a lot more effort into framing Crump. 

I tell you, what I love about this whole process is that some asshole attacks me, and it just gets me to write more, to expound, to elaborate. And I love doing it. A very big thing happened the other day when a framed and innocent patsy got exonerated. And, I guarantee you that the day is going to come that Lee Harvey Oswald gets exonerated, when it is recognized widely that he was standing in the doorway of the Texas Book Depository during the murder of President Kennedy. That's going to be in the history books someday. I guarantee it. 

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