Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What an idiot:

How could that be immediately after he shot Oswald? They were struggling. It was pandemonium. They wrestled him, herded him into the building in a mob frenzy. And then as soon as they got inside, it immediately resolved? Ruby suddenly became docile? What happened to his jacket? He was wearing a jacket.

We know his hat came off right away, and they had to cover his head, lest his face be seen. But, what about his jacket? Don't tell me it came off during the struggle because that is absurd. And don't tell me that they got Oswald inside before they got Ruby inside. That's ridiculous too. They were already on their way before Jim Leavelle even laid eyes on Oswald- never mind decided what to do with him. A guy is lying on the ground shot, you're not going to pick him up until you assess his condition. If Oswald was unconscious already, which presumably he was, was he alive? Was he breathing? They couldn't possibly have gotten Oswald into the building and placed on the floor with police huddled around him before that swift mob got Ruby inside. So, this must have been later, minutes later. 

And if you watch the whole video you know it was later. It was minutes earlier that the scuffle took place. This was shortly before the ambulance attendants removed Oswald, and that happened around 11:27. So, this was a minute or so before that. Oswald was shot at 11:20 or 11:21. So, it definitely was not when Ruby was immediately brought in. It only took seconds for them to remove the shooter from the scene. Watch the tapes. It all happens very fast. Oswald gets shot. There is franticness and pandemonium. It's very wild for a bit. But quickly, it settles down, and "Ruby" is gone. And I mean less than 1 minute. In well less than 1 minute, they had Ruby inside. But, this was NOT less than a minute after Oswald got shot.

Joseph Backes: Idiot. 

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