Tuesday, August 16, 2016

It's a darn shame that Oliver Stone but the Carolyn Arnold revised story into JFK the movie. Of course, it's not the only whopper he told. He put the tale of the telex in it too and implied directly that Oswald sent it, which was absolutely and positively impossible. According to the one and only person who claimed there was a telex- the night watchman from the New Orleans FBI office- it was sent from Washington DC by FBI Director Hoover to all the field offices of the FBI. Oswald wasn't in Washington DC; he was in Dallas. He couldn't go into a telex office and say, "I want to send a telex as though I'm in Washington DC, and I'm the Director of the FBI." What do you think they would have said? "Why don't you say you're President of the United States?" A telex was, and is, a legal document in which the sender's identity is certified by the phone company. Oswald could not possibly have sent it, that is, if there really was a telex. Remember, there is no telex and never has been; there was just one guy claiming to have remembered seeing a telex 5 years before. 

JFK the movie came out in 1991, and it wasn't until 1996 that the Fritz Notes were made public.

It says "to 1st floor had lunch" followed by "out with Bill Shelley in front". And that's exactly what happened. Oswald got off work just like everybody else at 11:45/11:50. He went downstairs. He went to the lunch room. He ate his lunch. He read the newspaper. It was his daily routine. Then he mosied on over to the doorway where he was seen by Carolyn Arnold. Here she is turned around looking at something, there Oswald is right above her. 

So, it makes you wonder: did Agent Harrison make up the part about Oswald still being inside? Maybe Carolyn Arnold saw Oswald when he was outside, as she easily could have. But, it doesn't matter because either way: it puts him there. 

Now, Oliver Stone didn't have the Fritz Notes, and it's a pity. But, he did have or could have had the Hosty/Bookhout FBI report in which they said that Oswald said he ate his lunch in the 1st floor lunch room. That was in the record all along. And he had access to Photographic Whitewash by Harold Weisberg in which he laid out the controversy about Carolyn Arnold about how she first claimed to see Oswald at the doorway, and she never breathed a word about the 2nd floor sighting until more than 5000 days passed. But instead, Stone adopted the revision as the real story. He even showed the actor playing Oswald (Gary Oldman) physically eating- bringing food to his mouth- in the 2nd floor lunch room when Carolyn Arnold saw him.

Oswald NEVER ate in that lunch room. That was where the office workers- who worked up there- ate. Oswald ate in the 1st floor lunch room where the grunt workers ate. They went to the 2nd floor lunch room to buy sodas, but that was all, and it was true of Oswald as well. This was the most egregious error in JFK the movie. Oliver Stone should have depicted Oswald in the doorway during the shooting. 



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