Monday, August 15, 2016

Why was the Dallas Morning News willing the publish this article about Oswald being in the 2nd floor lunch room eating at 12:25?The Dallas Morning News was involved in the cover-up from the very beginning. And, they have partnered many times with the Sixth Floor Museum to promote the official story. So, why were willing to publish it when Carolyn Arnold revised her story in 1978?

Remember that Carolyn Arnold first reported seeing Oswald at the doorway shortly before the motorcade arrived. He hadn't stepped out yet. He was still behind the glass. But, he was there. The time, according to FBI agent Richard Harrison was about 12:15. But, higher-ups at the FBI must have realized that it was still too close for comfort and ruinous to the official story. How could Oswald be at the doorway at 12:15 and still have enough time to set things up on the 6th floor to kill Kennedy? And think about this: if Oswald was lingering at the doorway at 12:15, then he would have to leave immediately to have 15 minutes to get upstairs and set things up to be ready to shoot at 12:30. But, if he was there, how can you assume that he left immediately, as soon as Carolyn Arnold turned away? Based on what? It's an arbitrary assumption made out of convenience, not fact. If he was there calmly looking out the door at the festivities, if that was his focus at the time, then it's highly likely that that remained his focus. In other words, it's arbitrary to assume that he dashed away as soon as Carolyn Arnold turned around. So, his calmly being there at 12:15 pretty much plants him there for the duration. It sinks the whole official story.

And again, the higher-ups must have realized it. In fact, they must have been terribly alarmed. Henderson's report was NEVER sent to the Warren Commission. It was NEVER put into the Warren Report. It was never even made into a document or exhibit of the Warren Commission. Instead, it just got sent to the National Archives, and the only reason why we know about it today is because Harold Weisberg went fishing over there. He wasn't looking for it. He didn't know it existed. He just stumbled across it. And thank God he did because that testimony of hers is the most important of any witness. Any, and I do mean any. Carolyn Arnold saw Oswald at the doorway!

But, the FBI returned to the TSBD- Gestapo-style- in March 1964, and they demanded that all relevant employees make statements of what they saw and sign them. That included Carolyn Arnold, and that time she wrote that she didn't see Oswald at all around the time of the assassination. And she signed it. But still, you don't see the name Carolyn Arnold in the Warren Report. They did not want anything to do with her- after what she first said.

But then, 1978 rolled around, and the HSCA was at it. Witnesses were dying, including FBI agents. The Doorman issue was back on the front burner. They brought in the very cooperative Robert Groden to finesse the Doorman issue, plus they had these trained monkeys known as anthropologists who could be relied on to spew out their monkey shit and fling it around on demand. Billy Lovelady was in his proper place: Colorado, far from Washington; they certainly didn't want to bring him in. He got a pass. So, why in the midst of all that did they bring Carolyn Arnold back into it? I'll tell you why.

It's because the CIA finally realized that there were Oswald defenders, and there were always going to be Oswald defenders. And, what they, the CIA, needed was a SAFE PLACE for those Oswald defenders to think Oswald was during the shooting- other than the 6th floor- that would not cause any trouble, that would not be a threat, that would not upset the apple cart. It had to be a false place, a place that Oswald definitely was not at at 12:30. And so, they settled on the 2nd floor lunch room.

Oswald DEFINITELY wasn't in the 2nd floor lunch room at 12:30, He was just getting there at 12:31.25 when Marrion Baker first saw him. So, how could he have been there 75 seconds before? And he definitely didn't eat there- at any time. He definitely didn't eat there on any day. He NEVER EVER ate there. He ALWAYS, without exception, ate in the 1st floor lunch room. Many said so. And that is exactly where he ate on 11/22/63, the 1st floor lunch room. It's what he told his interrogators, and several of them reported it. Now, why would he lie about where he ate lunch? He wouldn't. He couldn't. He didn't.

So, why did Carolyn Arnold say in 1978 that she saw Oswald eating in the 2nd floor lunch room at 12:25? I presume someone put her up to it.

But, Carolyn Arnold's lie was exposed by others. There were two other women with her: Virgie Rachley and Betty Dragoo. And both Virgie and Betty contradicted Carolyn, saying that they did NOT see Oswald in the 2nd floor lunch room, that he wasn't there. Here are all three of them together. Carolyn Arnold is in the middle.

In 1988, Carolyn Arnold was asked to discuss this matter again with the makers of The Men Who Killed Kennedy, but then she refused. I wonder why.

Fact: Carolyn Arnold told the truth when first reporting what she saw. Of course she did. It was November 26, 1963. Who's going to lie to the FBI and fabricate stories? But then, they put the fear in her. They made her realize that she said a no-no; something that was forbidden. And then it was her job to make things right.

But, I really want to keep the focus on this article, and what I want you to realize about it is that the ONLY reason that it was published in the Dallas Morning News is because it was false; it was leading people astray; leading them to adopt a false paradigm.

The Dallas Morning News NEVER would have published it if there was the slightest chance that it was true. Do you think they would have published it if it claimed Oswald was in the doorway? Of course not. The Dallas Morning News has NEVER published such an article. They published this one precisely because it is false. THIS IS A CIA STORY. It's MK-Ultra for the masses- the masses of Oswald defenders- to corral them like sheep into a blind alley. The very fact that it got published tells you that.

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