Thursday, August 4, 2016

It's just poorly reproduced in the HSCA Report, Backes? Is that it? Take a closer look. It claims to be images of the "Spectator" but look at the Hughes and Bell frames, in which you can't see the Spectator at all. And even in the Altgens photo in the center, it's so dark that you can't see Doorman at all. Then, they feature Oswald's arrest shirt, except that it doesn't look like Oswald's arrest shirt, and he certainly never wore it that way. And why not feature an image of Oswald wearing his arrest shirt? Why couldn't they do that? But, it doesn't bother you that they didn't, does it? You've never been an Oswald defender. Then, they have a frame of the bogus Gorilla Man, who was not Lovelady, then the photo that Groden took of him in 1976 plus the FBI photo darkened and softened, and that's it. Even though the display is entitled SPECTATOR IN THE TSBD DOORWAY, there isn't a single image of him. 

That "display" was meant not show images but not to show them, to make sure that you couldn't see anything. It's not that it happened to come out dark just just because it did, it's that wicked people were behind the HSCA investigation, and their goal, like the Warren Commission, was to railroad Oswald and hide the truth, including Oswald in the doorway.

You, Backes, are the intellectual descendant of these people, except that you are even more stupid than they were. This very collage is a smoking gun of evil and malfeasance. You don't have to be brilliant to see it. You only have to be average. 

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