Thursday, August 4, 2016

OK, it's time for another song. This one is from 1939, and it's a very cute and original song. There have been a lot of songs about a lonely guy alone with his shadow: me and my shadow, shadow-boxing in the dark, etc., but, this song adds another dimension: my echo. So, now it's three: my echo, my shadow, and me. What a clever idea, and since they (Dick Robertson, Nelson Cogane, and Sammy Mysels) came up with it, it's theirs for eternity because nobody else can write another song like it. It's uniquely theirs. 

And like the last song I did, this one was included on Paul McCartney's marvelous CD of old standards, Kisses on the Bottom. He does it better than me, but then again, he had a lot of help. But, I did take my inspiration from him.

So, here is We Three (My Echo, My Shadow, and Me).  And please note that, as with the last song, I composed the instrumental interlude myself.  So, the little ditty in the middle is all Ralph Cinque.

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