Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Lorenzo Mencaccini In my opinion oswald is in 2nd floor at 12.30 and in 12.31.
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Ralph Cinque Lorenzo, Oswald wasn't sitting in the lunch room at 12:31. He was on the move. And, he wasn't even in the lunch room. He was just arriving. When Baker first saw him, Oswald was going through the door from the office area to the anteroom of the lunch room. It was a little passageway room that gave access to the lunch room from both the office area and the staircase. It had 3 doors: one from the office area, one from the staircase, and one into the lunch room itself. So, Oswald was just going through the door from the office area when Baker saw him. He wasn't in the lunch room yet; he was just getting there. He was just about to go into it. So, how could he have been there a minute before? That would mean that he was there; then he left; then he turned around and went back. That isn't physically impossible, but it is extremely unlikely, and there is no evidence for it. You can't just assume it. If it looks like Oswald was just getting to the lunch room when Baker first saw him, then he probably was. That's what the evidence points to. That's what it's telling us.

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