Thursday, August 11, 2016

The proof that Doorman's hairline is fake is not just because his hairline matches that of Young Lovelady so perfectly. It's because in addition to the hairline, the length of the hair, the style of the hair, and lay of the hair EVERYTHING about the hair matches so perfectly.

Hair is a constantly changing thing. It's constantly growing, but it's also intermittently being cut. It doesn't lie the same way all the time. And in this case, when we are dealing with a rapidly balding young man as Lovelady was, there is the issue of fallout, which of course is progressive.

So, just consider yourself. If we compared a photo of you today with one from six years ago, how identical would your hair look in length, style, lay, and of course, coverage, between the pictures? 

Let's look at another example, say Harrison Ford.  I will have to approximate the 6 year time span. We're comparing the hair here.

The point is that hair changes. It changes because of what it's doing, and it's changing because of what we're doing to it, and it's changing for no particular reason at all.  And when you are talking about a rapidly balding young man, as Billy Lovelady was, the idea that he could have had the exact same hair in 1963 that he had in 1957 is preposterous. 

The problem is not that it doesn't match but that it matches too well, too perfectly, and in every way. The idea that Billy Lovelady's hair remained that stable for 6 years and just happened to be the exact same length and style and lay after that much time? Impossible. They took the image on the left, the top part of his head, and superimposed it on top of Doorman, who was Oswald. It's the one thing they did to Lovelady-ify him. 

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