Tuesday, August 2, 2016

This is definitely two hands. And I'm not the first guy to notice it. Craig Roberts was. But others besides me have concurred. And if it's not two hands, then how can one sleeve be the shape that we see below? I have it marked right cuff and left cuff, but if that's wrong, that means it's all one cuff, and how can that be? 

How can all that meandering width be the end of one shirt sleeve? And how could it have that shape? The end of the sleeve would just go straight across the wrist, right? It would be a straight line going across, wouldn't it? So, how could that possibly be just one sleeve? 

And just think: this freaky, bizarre photograph actually won the Pulitzer Prize. I tell you, this world of ours has been warped for a very long time. 

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