Tuesday, August 2, 2016

This shadowed version of the FBI photo of Lovelady was published by the HSCA but only very small in a collage. There is no way that the image above came from that, from their final report. How? By someone taking a picture of it and blowing it up? Imagine what crap it would be. No, the above image, which shows Lovelady looking softer, gentler, and more like Oswald, had to come from the source. It's not from the HSCA Final Report but rather the actual photo. So, I'm thinking that it may have been circulated by Robert Groden. Is he the one who did the shadowing? It's possible. But, there is nothing innocent about any of this. This was a deliberate attempt to obscure, mislead, and misinform. 

The "hardness" vs. "softness" of a face is difficult to define, but Lovelady's face was definitely harder than Oswald's. 

It gets into physiognomy: Physiognomy (from the Gk. physis meaning "nature" and gnomon meaning "judge" or "interpreter") is the assessment of a person's character or personality from his or her outer appearance, especially the face. Oswald was very slight compared to Lovelady, but even putting that aside; his face alone was softer meaning less likely to be perceived as hostile, threatening, or belligerent. Adding that shadow to Lovelady's face really softened it a lot. It also duplicated the shadow we see on Doorman, and thereby, it subliminally pushes us to think he was Doorman.

 So, don't listen to the Idiot Backes. Adding that shadow to the right side of Lovelady's face was a criminal act. It was the distorting of physical evidence. It created a likeness. a parallel, between Lovelady and Doorman that is highly suggestive but didn't exist. It didn't happen accidentally. It was a psy-op; it was a shrewd, deliberate, Machiavellian deception.  Damn them. 

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