Saturday, August 13, 2016

This post on Facebook generated a lot of views.

That's just since yesterday morning, so less than 24 hours. So obviously, it struck a chord with people. It was amazingly easy for me to do. I just used the Picasa program, which is available free from Google. It's not nearly as sophisticated or advanced as Photoshop or other such programs. Of course, they didn't have any digital tools at all back in 1963, but photo manipulation, insertions, and extractions have been done since the 19th century. They had to use non-digital means that were more tedious, but they could still do it. And they did it here.

I mentioned yesterday that the HSCA, for some reason, rejected the FBI photo of Lovelady. It's the go-to image for people today. But, for some reason, the HSCA preferred the Wedding photo and even referred to it as being close in time to the assassination, even though it was from the 1950s. Here they had a bright image that was within 3 months of the murder, but instead of using it, they darkened it, shaded it, and then published it small. 

So, they obviously did NOT think this collage below made a good impression. They could have used it, but they didn't. They could have given the FBI photo to their anthropologists, but they didn't. They gave them the Wedding photo instead. 

Look how perfectly oval the top of Lovelady's head looks. You don't see that on Doorman. And, the puffy eyes with the bulging eyelids you don't see on Doorman either. Is that why they didn't like it? And compare it to Lovelady's other photos. This was also published by the HSCA:

Look at that image on the right. Were they seriously claiming that that was Lovelady too?

They actually tried to pass him off as Lovelady and gave him more prominence than FBI Lovelady.

You know that after the assassination, Lovelady avoided cameras like the plague and eventually went into veritable hiding. It was like he was hiding on a mountain top in Colorado. Was it to prevent anyone from getting a good look at him? Was it to prevent anyone from questioning him? Surely both.

Larry Rivera tracked down both his daughter and his step-son. Neither goes by the name Lovelady. Neither were willing to talk to Larry, and both acted like discovered fugitives when approached. When asked whether they really believe that Lovelady was the Doorway Man, both refused to answer. Both seemed really rattled. In contrast, Roy Lewis wasn't rattled at all when Larry looked him up in Dallas. Roy was very outgoing and very willing to answer Larry's questions. They really found some rapport. 

The lie that Billy Lovelady was the Doorway Man is like the jugular of the JFK assassination; you open it up, and the whole story bleeds out fast.  

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