Saturday, August 6, 2016

Very interesting comment here placed at my first Youtube video:

Well, I'm 64 and I'd been out in the 87-degree weather resurfacing some concrete when I came in and originally watched this (not paying really close attention). Your argument - honestly - is very strong. And, as you've said, if that is Oswald in the doorway (and it DOES appear to be Oswald, based upon everything you've shown us) he wasn't on the 6th floor shooting JFK. On a distantly related note: On Thanksgiving Day, in 1978, I was invited to the home of a friends parent's for dinner (outside Washington D.C., in the Maryland suburbs). My friend was always bragging that her Dad, a Special Agent of the FBI, was friends with J.Edgar Hoover. So, I and her Dad, and her brother, were having a drink in the den while the ladies made supper. I was 26, and decided to ask the ol' man what he thought really happened to JFK. When I did, the guy's face turned beet-red and he lapsed into a virtual tirade. He called JFK a "fucking whoremonger" and a "goddamned communist". It's like JFK was insufficiently dead to please this guy. And he said that JFK and Bobby both got "what was coming to them....". It was a wholly shit moment - I think this guy woulda killed 'em both if he'd had the chance. That was the end of that discussion.....whew. Just thought I'd share that weird, weird moment....
Ralph Cinque 
Well, I can understand why that would stay vivid in your memory. Thank you for sharing that, Guy.

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