Monday, August 8, 2016

Where was the most logical place for Oswald to be if he was innocent? Answer: somewhere watching the motorcade. Well, he wasn't watching it from a window. And he didn't venture out into Dealey Plaza to watch it. If he had done that, we wouldn't be talking about him today. We would be talking about somebody else whom they pinned the assassination on. But, what happened to Oswald is that he ventured out to watch it, but they had one or more persons in the doorway who were there precisely to stop him from going any farther. If it was just one person, it was Bill Shelley. But, maybe somebody else was there besides Shelley, backing him up. Considering how important this was, I wouldn't be surprised. 

If Oswald was innocent, there is no reason why he wouldn't have watched the motorcade. And don't tell me he wasn't interested. Based on what? Oswald didn't even theoretically have anything else to do. He didn't have anything to distract him, to draw his attention, to preoccupy him in lieu of watching the motorcade. There is absolutely nothing. 

This is 2016. We've all seen a lot of episodes of Law and Order. We all know that the first thing they ask the accused is: Where were you when the crime occurred? It's no different for Oswald. And when you have this, the jury is going to react to it. 

In the warped, twisted world of JFK, there are people who look at it and shrug, but that's because it's a warped, twisted world. In the outside world, when people see that much likeness in the man and the clothing, they think: "Same guy." And that's what the jury will think. This IS the defense of Oswald. Not anything else. This. 

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