Thursday, August 4, 2016

Why assume that the softer version of Lovelady that we have came from that collage? 

Somebody had to make the collage, right? So, the photo existed before the collage, right? Look at the image of Lovelady on the lower left. You don't assume that this nice color version was made from that, do you?

You don't assume that the color photo was made from the dark collage, do you? The color photo had to come first, right? Well, there was a photo of Soft Lovelady which had to come first too, which was used to make the collage. 

The softer version exists as a triad of images, which could not have come from the HSCA collage, which doesn't contain the other two images.

Do you want to keep going with it, that the center image was made from the HSCA collage? How can you be so stupid, Backes? 

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