Thursday, August 4, 2016

What an idiot. Backes claims that the differences between this and the other version of FBI Lovelady are due to faulty duplication, not using photo paper, etc., that it's a matter of loss of quality. But, there is nothing qualitatively wrong with this. Any deterioration from copying would affect the whole image. It wouldn't just produce shadow on one side of it.  

There is nothing wrong with the photo; it's just in shadow on one side, and there is no way that it happened by accident by failing to use photo paper, etc. That is ridiculous. And the shadow does soften his face. Can't you see that in the other one he looks thuggish, but not above?

What is wrong with you, Backes? How can you be so stupid? What's your IQ? 45? You're a moron. A hapless moron. 

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