Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Within the OIC, we have been discussing the Chandra Levy case, in light of the fact that the patsy in that case, Ingmar Quandique, has been exonerated. And although it is only narrowly tied to the JFK case by one individual, Dr. Louis Jolyon West, the Chandra Levy case is deeply died to Oklahoma City. Chandra Levy worked for the Bureau of Prisons, and she was in charge of selecting the people who would be permitted to attend Timothy McVeigh's execution. 

So, that got us talking about Oklahoma City, and I want to publish an email from Craig Roberts that is quite interesting:

Craig Roberts:

I was one of the investigators on the OKC bombing, assigned by my department to the FBI for 3 months.  The whole thing was a cover-up on the main perpetrators and their connections to the “middle eastern connection”.  McVeigh and Oswald had many parallels, and we (the true fact investigators and NOT the Gov’t damage control pukes) began referring to McVeigh as Lee Harvey McVeigh.  

The Achilles Heel of the case is the video tapes of the event from the cameras around the Murrah Building that the FBI confiscated and never released (and according to them now, they can’t find!).

The Ryder Truck was the Carcano.  It pinned the blame on McVeigh and John Doe II even though it wasn’t powerful enough to do the damage that was done. ( C-4 rigged to the columns in advance and connected with det cord in the basement and parkade).

Nichols is the connection to Abu Sayef in the Philippines, and through Ramzi Yusef, Sheik Khalid Mohammed and Mohammed Wali Khan to a guy in Afghanistan at the time named Usama bin Laden (later changed to Osama).  

And there’s so much more.  Now I can’t help but wonder what Levy found out or knew?

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