Friday, December 2, 2016

In this image from the Dorman film, Toni Glover and her mother were facing Houston Street, and Toni has her hands high in the air, and she's waving them. They were not atop the pedestal. Have you ever been atop that pedestal? Well, I have. And when you're up there, you feel like you are on a diving board. Not Toni, and not anyone else would jump around boisterously from atop that pedestal. They were standing on the ground, on the grass. And notice that Toni is waving with her arms apart. 

That looks natural and normal. But, in Hughes, Toni's back is to us, which means that she is facing Elm Street at a time that JFK wasn't there. And instead of waving, she is joining her hands together above her head, as in doing a jumping jack.

So, they are certainly NOT the same thing, and the idea that Toni and her middle-aged, frumpy mother hastily climbed atop that pedestal is ridiculous. It's fake. I tell you, it's fake. 

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