Sunday, December 4, 2016

Julian Assange has been missing since late October, and many people fear that he was taken from the Ecuadoran Embassy, by force, and is being detained somewhere, possibly tortured, or that he has been killed.  

As I look it, I can't think of any reason why he would remain out of public view for so long. I have no reason to think he would want to falsely and deliberately cause these concerns. 

Then, we have the mainstream media completely ignoring it, and that is really weird when you consider that Assange was definitely one of the biggest newsmakers of 2016, and there is talk that he is going to be TIME magazine's Person of the Year. Not Donald Trump, but Julian Assange. Many people believe it was Assange who handed the election to Trump. So, how could they not be talking about his disappearance? 

We know that Secretary of State John Kerry was in London talking tough about Assange right before Assange disappeared.  

On October 21, Wikileaks reported that heavily armed police were swarming outside the Ecuadoran Embassy. Did they grab him?

I fear the worst for Julian Assange. Don't you? Here is his last interview with John Pilger on RT. It is very good.

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