Thursday, January 5, 2017

And speaking of Graves, after he wrestled the gun away from Ruby and was disengaged from the Penguin Pack, where he was no longer involved in the group-effort to drag Ruby into the building, why didn't he immediately think of Oswald? 

You would think that having been Oswald's escort, his protector, that he'd been keenly interested in getting back to Oswald, right away, to find out his condition, to learn whether he was alive or dead. 

But no, not Graves. Here he is 12 seconds after the shooting. 12 fucking seconds! And he's not the least bit interested in Oswald. He's not even looking in Oswald's direction. He doesn't give a shit about Oswald. 

Are you getting the picture now? That there was something very dark about how Graves and all the Dallas Police treated Oswald? And I don't mean that they concocted a bus and cab ride for him because that they did NOT do. That's just a stupid Backesism.  

But, imagine if you were escorting someone, even a dog, and the creature got shot, wouldn't you be in a rush to find out how it was doing?

Look at this: it is the picture of malevolence.


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