Saturday, January 7, 2017

Ed Chiarini is the only one who uses that footage that is in his Oswald shooting hoax video- that I know of. And he said he got it from the Dallas DA- directly. But, he thinks that one of the networks must have taken it. That's what he told me. 

But, either it didn't have audio OR Ed got rid of the audio because there is no audio. And that's unfortunate because if there were audio, we could listen for the blast and that would tell us when the shot was fired. 

But, I tried to figure it out without audio, and I settled on this frame:

Now, the reason I settled on that frame is because in the very next frame, Oswald is visibly reacting. You can see him grimace with a pained look. So obviously, he was shot. So, I am calling this frame the moment that the hammer of the pistol slammed into the primer of the cartridge. Let's see how it compares to the muzzle flash in the newsreel.

Well, they don't compare very well. In the Newsreel, Oswald is looking out with his eyes open. In Chiarini, Oswald is looking down, and his eyes seem to be partially closed. 

Well, let's go back to the Newsreel and look at the first frame in which we know for sure that Oswald is reacting to being shot. It's the blurry frame.

Alright, so he's reacting there, which means that he was shot before that. Let's look at the very frame before that. And keep in mind that when I say "frame" I am referring to the divisions that I get when I slow the video down as much as possible (25% of normal speed) and then click the mouse as fast as I can to stop it in the shortest interval possible. I don't say that it's one film frame because if there were 18 frames per second, I obviously can't click the mouse 18 times in a second. I am referring to the shortest interval that I can come up with in this way. And the shortest interval I can come up with preceding the blurry one is:

So, for now, let's assume that's when the shot occurred. And let's compare it to the assumed one from Chiarini.

It's matches much better. It matches very well. Look at the other again, and I believe you'll realize that, despite the presence of the muzzle flash, it is early; it was before the shot.

And now again, the one that works:

I stand by what I said: that the muzzle flash is fake; it was put into the Newsreel, and they put it in too early; a few frames before the shot was fired. 

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