Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Here, from the Wizard, is an addendum about the Leavelle/Oswald banter, moments before the latter was fatally shot.

"The jokey Leavelle/Oswald exchange was actually used in the 1978 movie 'Ruby and Oswald', with Jim Leavelle (I think) and an actor voicing the words. I have yet to re-watch it in full (I last saw it decades ago), but the audio is in this clip on Youtube."

From listening to the clip, I noticed that they gave Oswald a strong Texas/Louisiana accent; and I mean a real twang, rather like Robert Oswald has. Except, Lee didn't have it. He didn't sound anything like that.  He sounded like he was from the Northeast. He didn't sound like he was from "Nu Awlins".  He didn't even say it like that. He said "New Or-Leans" just like East Coast people do. This is very important because it relates to the discovery of John Armstrong that the Oswald of fame was NOT really Lee Harvey Oswald. He was just pretending to be. It was an assumed identity for him. You should Harvey and Lee

But getting back to the movie, in depicting the Oswald shooting, for some reason, they had the Ruby figure approach from straight-ahead rather than at an angle from the side. And the result was that he shot Oswald directly in the abdomen. But in real life, Oswald was shot in the rib cage from the side. They didn't have Leavelle doing anything until after the shot was fired, when he reaches for Ruby. But, here's the shot. Talk about muzzle flash. Holy Cow!

I dare say, that would have been seen and remembered. "I saw the flash against the black sweater." I hear you, Pierre. And that wasn't a parking garage. It looked more like a hallway within City Hall. 

Then, they show Leavelle reaching for Ruby, which he did not do. What really happened is that "Ruby" dove into the swarm of police, and Leavelle got him around the nape of his neck with his right hand as he was going down. This is totally fictional:

Look how they falsely show the shooter, who was really James Bookhout and not Jack Ruby, as being much taller than he was. He is only slightly shorter than Leavelle there. But in real life, he was much shorter: 

You can watch the whole movie here:


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