Thursday, January 5, 2017

"Hitting that rib saved me," he said. "If it hadn't have hit the rib and went between them, the bullet would have come on through and caught me." Jim Leavelle

I looked it up in the autopsy report, and Leavelle was right, that the bullet struck and fractured Oswald's 11th rib. It's the last thing that it did before settling under the skin.

But, if you believe as I do that this was a planned shooting, and I don't mean by Ruby because he wasn't even in the garage at the time, but by Bookhout and the Dallas Police, including Leavelle, then there is no way he would have gone through with it if the only thing between him and that live round was skinny Oswald. 

My question to you is: would you? 

When we talk about the JFK shooting and whether Connally was in on it, how could he be when he was in the car right in front of JFK? And his wife was in the car next to him. Would he have subjected her to the risk? Would he have subjected himself to the risk? So, Connally definitely didn't know. LBJ tried his best to keep him out of the car, pleading with JFK to ride with Senator Ralph Yarborough instead. But, JFK would have no part of it, claiming that he was in Texas, and he was going to ride with the Governor of Texas. But, they say it was the fiercest argument they ever had, and they had a lot of fierce arguments. 

So, once you realize there was DPD complicity in the shooting of Oswald- and we showed you the guy giving the Henry Gondorff type nod- 

then you know it had to be a hoax.  

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