Saturday, January 7, 2017

Hopelessly stupid and doomed to idiocy, Backes is disgracing himself yet again. He's claiming he has found the muzzle flash in the other posting of the newsreel, but he hasn't. It's not even the same frame as the muzzle flash in the other one. Notice how relaxed Oswald's face looks in the top one, and notice that we can see his left eye open (which is right to us). 

But, in the bottom one, he has closed his eyes, and he has already started to grimace. I'll blow it up for you.

So, it's not even the same frame. What he has circled there above is just Bookhout's hand.

They're not even in the same spot. We'll use Oswald's collar as a point of reference. So, if we draw a vertical line up from the "flash" and then a horizontal line over to the collar, this is what we get:

You're stupid, Backes. You were born stupid; you live stupid; and the people who are advising you are just as stupid as you are. 

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