Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I received a very astute response to my article on the Blackie Harrison/Ike Pappas conundrum from OIC member Jim Macgregor which I am going to post. But first, I want to remind you that Jim is the co-author of one of the most important history books ever written, called Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War.

Realize that WW1 set the direction for the entire 20th century, the bloddiest century ever, and it was a planned war; a chosen war; a war that was fervently desired and pursued. It happened because wealthy, powerful men wanted it to happen and sought, doggedly and tenaciously, to make it happen. That's the disturbing truth that Jim MacGregor and Gerry Docherty uncovered and exposed in their book. 


And, Jim and Gerry are coming out with the sequel to Hidden History this year. But, Jim took time out last evening to focus on this recent concern of mine: the Beers and Jackson photos and the problems reconciling two photos that were reportedly taken of the same scene .6 second apart. 

Thank you Ralph.  Happy New Year.

Congratulations on solving yet another mystery. The two photographs 
reminds me of a comic game I used to enjoy playing when I was a kid 
called 'Spot the difference' where you had to come up with six differences 
between two like photos.  How many can we spot here:

(1) As you rightly say, Pappas is very clearly seen in Beers Photo, but 
despite being almost immediately alongside the shoulder of the 
detective holding Oswald's left arm, he has disappeared in Jackson's.

With the  camera angle of Jackson being further  to the left,  and 

given the minuscule time difference, Pappas should actually be seen  
more clearly  than in Beers.  He should  actually be further to the 
left of Harrison, (as we look at the photo) than in Beers, rather than 
supposedly disappearing to the right behind him.  
Doubtless the 'official' BS version will be that Blackie Harrison  
shoved him out of the way with his right arm to get at  Ruby, hence his 

(2) In Beers we see the man with a microphone (presumably a television or radio reporter) immediately behind Pappas.  (RC: That is NBC reporter Tom Pettit.) And immediately behind  that reporter is a man standing  beside the wall at exactly the point  where it turns 90 degrees.  That is,  the man you say some have claimed to be Blackie Harrison.  

In Jackson he is no longer there. As you say, 
it would be impossible in the time-frame for that guy to have been 
Blackie Harrison  and to have moved round to a completely new 
position.  In any case, in Jackson we can see Blackie Harrison clearly 
with the cigar in his left hand. Was it possible for him to bring the 
cigar up to his mouth in the fraction it took for the Jackson photo? 
Probably yes, but it is  most certainly not the  reaction one would 
expect from an experienced police officer when a man brandishing a gun suddenly appears  immediately alongside him.

(3) In Beers there is a man (presumably a detective) wearing a light 
coloured Stetson type hat immediately behind the detective holding 
Oswald's left arm.  He is directly in line with the detective and the 
officer in the cops hat.  In Jackson he is almost obscured.  From the 
different camera angle, however, he should actually be more visible in 
Jackson photo. 

RC: Note that Beers shot from up a ladder and was looking down. But still, I agree that if Jackson was leftward of Beers, it should have put that guy in view. 

JM: And, possibly more significant, is he now  wearing 
spectacles?  Perhaps not, but a magnification of the photo could give 
the answer.

RC: Here is the magnification. It's not spectacles, although I also considered that possibility. The rim of Graves' hat is passing over his eye.

RC: So, there is the rim of Graves' hat crossing over his eye, and then to the left of that from our perspective, is the sliver of another man's face, a man who is practically imperceptible until you blow it up like this. But, what is he doing there? What is he looking at? It seems like he would have moved a little to his right to get a better view. Was he deliberately hiding from the camera? 

JM continued: 

(4) In Beers we see five men just behind or to the right (looking at 
the photo) of the above mentioned detective with two wearing black 
hats.  In Jackson there is only one can wearing a black hat;.

RC: The man in the the black hat facing sideways in Beers is missing from Jackson, and that is weird because he's tall. So, why wouldn't Jackson have visualized him? Then, there is another man in a black hat in Beers who is present in Jackson but in a different location. How is that possible in .6 second? 

(5) Top right hand corner of Beers photo clearly shows an odd looking 
contraption hanging down.  It hangs four courses of brick above the 
head of the man in the black hat who is standing immediately at the 90 
degree turn in the wall.  It is has its own distinct shadow.  In the 
Jackson photo not only has that man at the 90 degree angle disappeared, but the strange contraption also.  We can clearly see nine courses of brick above the heads but no contraption.

RC: That contraption is a microphone hanging from the ceiling, and it is unexplained why we see it in Beers but do not see it Jackson. 

(6) The detective holding Oswald's right arm is wearing a Stetson.  No 
big deal, but observe how it sits on his head.  In Beers it looks very 
unnatural, almost looks like it has been added by photographic manipulation - but done rather badly. It's really high as if two sizes too small for him to sit properly. The rim sits well above his ear.  In Jackson, however, it sits as one would expect, and just above the ear.  

RC: That's the colorful Detective Jim Leavelle. Note that it's a comparison of the different sides of the head, left and right, and I suspect the shills would say that the hat was supposed to ride high on the left and low on the right. But, since when do policemen wear hats like that to work? And two days after the President of the United States and a fellow officer got killed? It's a good call, Jim. I hadn't noticed it. We'd made fun of his suit before, calling it his Easter suit, but I hadn't noticed that about his hat. It seems very out of place.  

(7) Regarding the claim  that Pappas can just be seen below Harrison's 
right axilla in the Jackson photo, the garment that individual is 
wearing is much darker that the coat we see Pappas wearing in the  
Beers picture. 

Incidentally, what is that protruding from the breast pocket of 
“Ruby's” jacket?  Sunglasses?  In other actual photos of Ruby in the 
police station prior to the shooting are they present?

RC: They are regular reading glasses, not sunglasses.

The scenes captured by the two photographers very much appear to have 
been faked, with some of the individuals having taken up different 
positions in the interval between the two pictures - or being removed 
altogether.  For these scenes to have been faked rather than just the 
photographs, surely Lee Oswald must have taken part in the charade.  

Again, well done Ralph,


RC: Thank you, Jim. And, I agree that LHO had to be in on the charade. I figure they must have told him that they were going to get him out of the situation, but they had to fake his death or else he would be targeted, that the only way to insure his safety was to feign his death to the public. And, he believed them and went along with it, but then, they double-crossed him and killed him afterwards, which was the plan all along. 

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