Thursday, January 5, 2017

It turns out that that's the whole thing; that that's all there is to the Chiarini video. Except: at the very end he leaves the subject of the Oswald shooting and broaches his main claim to fame, which is his contention that the JFK assassination was faked, that JFK was never shot and killed, and that he returned to power as President Jimmy Carter.

There is some resemblance between JFK and Jimmy Carter, but JFK was 6 foot and 1/2 inch tall, while Jimmy Carter is 5' 9". He is probably shorter than that now due to the shrinkage of old age, but at his tallest, Carter was 5'9". So, doesn't that settle it once and for all that he could not possibly be JFK?

And, Chiarini doesn't stop there. He claims that Rosalind Carter is really Jackie Kennedy, which is really amazing when you consider that Jackie Kennedy was alive and well when Rosalind Carter was First Lady and living in the White House. And he makes quite a few other similar identifications that are just as wacky.

But, everything about his analysis of the Oswald shooting, which is what this video is really about, is spot-on.

So, this video has a lot of value, more value than anything and everything Joseph Backes has done in his entire life, but you just have to ignore the ending, where he changes the subject and starts showing collages of his identity matches. But, his treatment of the Oswald shooting is just fine, and it contains the very best footage there is of the Oswald shooting. 

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