Saturday, January 7, 2017

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, Backes is stupid. He wonders why there is the one blurry frame between two clear ones in the Universal newsreel:

So, Backes thinks the photographer was shaken by the gun blast OR the startle reaction to a man leaping forward and shooting Oswald. Well, the leap started before the blurry frame. Even in the top frame, "Ruby" had leapt forward. If the photographer was going to be startled by the leaping, he'd get startled right away. And if it was that, shouldn't all the photographers have been startled? How come we see the action without blurring in the film that Ed Chiarini put up? And Backes knows nothing about human nervous systems. If a person gets startled, they don't get unstartled as fast as we see here. And as far as the sound startling the photographer, Leavelle and Graves were right there next to it, and they don't look startled at all. Notice that even in the bottom frame, the only one who is reacting is Oswald. There is no visible reaction, facial or otherwise, in anyone else.  

I wrote that the image "deteriorates" into blurriness, and that is correct. I didn't say that it happened spontaneously, and I don't believe it did. I think they deliberately blurred it to make transition to the spliced frame, which is a take-off on the Jackson photo.

This is a heavily altered image in which they were essentially trying to infuse the Jackson photo into that film. It's very similar to the Jackson photo. You'll notice that Oswald's giant thumb which he didn't have, is NOT overlapping his index finger, as it is in the Jackson photo.

That's quite a difference between the two hands, isn't it? You were not supposed to notice that. You were just supposed to think, "Wow, that really looks like the Jackson photo."

So, which way did he have his hand? And by the way, that hand, the bottom one from the film, is just as fake as the one in the Jackson photo, although in a slightly different way. Both are fake. 

In this case, there are 4 knuckles showing but 5 fingers. The thumb, on the right, is a complete monstrosity. That is not a human thumb. Nobody's thumb is shaped like that. But, here are the fingers and knuckles marked. Keep in mind that there is supposed to the same number of fingers as knuckles.

So, they managed to squeeze a smidgen of a middle finger in there, marked 3, but it's ridiculous because that would be the middle finger, which is the thickest one. But, this is an improvement over the other one, which is a complete mess.

So, in this case, I just put a question mark where there is a tiny smidgen of a bump for the middle finger, but it doesn't warrant recognition as a finger. So, I would call this 4 fingers and 4 knuckles. But, look at the monstrosity that the thumb is, and not just the thumb, but the whole thumb side of the hand. What kind of contour is that? What kind of shape is that? It's impossible. It isn't human.

That is a human left hand, not the other monstrosity.

On the right, there are two crescents joined together at a sharp point, and that's supposed to be the shape of his hand at the wrist. Compare it to the left. What you see on the right is a monstrosity. They were able to soften the other one a little, but it is still just as phony.

Look at the convoluted shape of that wrist. It is impossible!

The Jackson photo is a very elaborate piece of fakery- as much so as the Altgens photo, and that is saying a lot.  And, to authenticate it, they worked a lookalike frame into the newsreel. But, it does not occur within the running movie. The movie blurs, then jumps to it, and then just freezes on it and never returns to the movie. That is what happens in the Universal newsreel. 

I don't know know why anyone would defend this. A smart person would know to shut the fuck up about it. You can't defend this shit. 

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