Thursday, January 5, 2017

So, the Idiot Backes denies that the newsreel jumps to this. But, I wonder if he denies that it stops on this? Because it does stop on it for several seconds as the newscaster says, "And here is the shame of all America as Jack Ruby takes the law into his own hands."

And, I wonder if Backes also denies that the lighting is very different, which also occurs in a sudden jump. Here is the lighting of the frame that came before.

You have to realize the speed at which it jumps from one to the other. It represents the fastest click of the mouse that I can possibly make. But wait: THAT'S WITH SLOWING THE VIDEO SPEED DOWN TO 1/4 NORMAL SPEED which you can do on Google Chrome. Without doing that, I couldn't capture this.  And yet, we are supposed to believe that it jumped from one to the other in real time at that speed?

LOOK AT THAT RIDICULOUS HAND ON OSWALD! His hand was not that big. And look at the contour of the thumb side of his hand, which is not anatomical, meaning nobody is built like that.

Nobody is built like that. Nobody's hand is shaped like that. It is a fake image. And you don't have to be a Professor of Anatomy to see it. 

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