Sunday, January 8, 2017

So, we're left with the idea that Leavelle and Combest picked Oswald up and carried him into the jail office. For some reason, Combest said that Graves did too, but we know that's not true since we can track Graves from beginning to end, and he wound up on the other side- nowhere near Oswald. He could not possibly have picked him up, and he never said so. 

But, I want you to imagine two men picking up a third man who is unconscious and unresponsive. They become a unit. The three of them are now a structure, and that structure is taking up a lot of space in that small area. And then the structure starts moving. So, how could Jim Davidson miss it when he was pointing his camera right at them? 

Were Leavelle/Combest/Oswald really covered up, concealed from view, over 360 degrees? 

What's amazing is that Davidson didn't even catch the shooting, never mind the pickup. At the moment the blast occurs and you hear Oswald cry out, this is the view:

So, for some reason, Davidson was behind this guy, and we don't see anything. That is not Leavelle in the center; it's another detective. Leavelle is ahead of him to the right. And then after this, it's just noise.

what shit

I shit you not. This is what you see as you watch Davidson's film.

Can you believe that they tried to pass this off?

You are being on shit on here, in case you don't know it.

Nice work, Davidson. You got the scoop.

I could go on and on, but it doesn't get any better. It's all noise.

At one point, it clear up enough that you get this, which they claim is "Ruby". But, it's not Ruby. It's not even Bookhout. It may not even be real.  

But then you get this:

So, that's the side door, and supposedly, I guess, "Ruby" is inside that pack.

And eventually, it gets to the Keeper of the Door, whom we saw before. 

And what about the audio? Have you listened to it? First, there is a background roar, then there is yelling on top of it. The only thing I can make out is someone yelling, "Get (something) out of here." And then halfway through, the audio stops and it's silent.

It's all just bull shit.
Let's finish with George Carlin and his "Bull shit is everywhere!

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