Monday, January 2, 2017

That's it: the whole cubbyhole where it all happened. It's where Oswald got shot, and it's where the "scuffle" took place, and where "Ruby" was dragged into the building through that side door, and at the same time Oswald was picked up by two men and carried through that side door. And even though the space- that little tiny space- was being covered by multiple photographers from multiple angles, nobody caught a glimpse of Oswald being carried in or "Ruby" being dragged in. All they succeeded in capturing was frenzy, pandemonium, and wild scurrying about. And we're supposed to be believe that? In fact, not only do we NOT have pictures of Oswald being picked up and carried into the building, we don't even reports of anyone seeing Oswald being picked up and carried into the building. Nobody even claimed to see it. How did they do it? Did one guy grab the arms and the other the legs? Is that how they did it? We don't know. Nobody even described seeing it, never mind taking a picture of it. It's an awful thing when the government and the media lie to you, but it's worse when they fling this awful shit at you.  

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