Friday, January 6, 2017

There is a muzzle flash during the Oswald shooting that is seen in exactly one film: the one from the Universal newsreel. But, it doesn't occur in all versions of the newsreel. And, we don't know who took that film. We know that Universal made the newsreel four days later on November 28, but from whom did they get it? Did they have their own photographer in that basement on 11/24/63? Universal Studios? A movie company? They weren't a news organization. So, that seems very unlikely. And why, after 53 years, is the source of that film unknown? But, it is extremely likely, if not certain, that that muzzle flash is FAKE, and that's because it doesn't occur in other films AND because it occurs TOO EARLY in this one, before there is any reaction from anybody, including Oswald. Take a look:

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