Saturday, January 14, 2017

This is an interview of Bob Jackson done at the Sixth Floor Museum. He said some things that registered with me. And most important is something that I suspected for a long time:

The photographers and reporters did not start-off by going to the basement. It's not where they first assembled. They first assembled in the press room, which was upstairs on the 3rd floor. Jackson said that they waited there in the press room, and then they were led down to the basement by police at the appropriate time.

Well, just think about it. Even though the reporters and photographers did not know what time it was going to happen, the police knew. It's not as though the police who were managing the press were out of touch with the police who were managing Oswald. There was certainly no reason why they would have led the press crews down to the basement too much ahead of time. 

So, what time was it that the press was actually brought down to the basement? Well, whatever time it was, the incident with Jack Ruby must have happened before that. With them tucked away in the 3rd floor press room, they were safely out of earshot of any pre-commotion in the garage. You've heard of the pre-autopsy? Well, there was a pre-commotion in the garage, one that involved the real Jack Ruby. 

Here is the video of Jackson talking about it. You can start at 22:30 if you don't want to listen to the whole thing. He says: "We were brought down as a group from the press room."

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