Friday, January 13, 2017

Three people were killed over the course of two days. Many more were killed in the weeks, months, and years to follow- all to bury the truth about the JFK assassination, that JFK was gunned down by his political enemies. But, what followed JFK, in the reversal of his policies and intentions, resulted in the murder of not thousands, but rather, millions of people. 

Millions of people were sentenced to death the day JFK was murdered. 

And that, of course, is the worst thing, and there can't be anything worse.

But, the murders weren't the only bad thing. There were other bad things that came out of it, and I mean terribly bad things. 

Jim Fetzer said it best when he said that the assassination of JFK was the assassination of America- the idea and the ideals of America. Peaceful, non-violent transfer of power are supposed to be the hallmark of American democracy. What happened on November 22, 1963 was like a banana republic style coup d'etat, except that it was worse, much worse, and much more ominous than that. 

That's because most coup d'etats are done openly. There is no deception of the people. They open fire on the leader and his guards, take over the presidential palace, and some military strongman declares martial law. In comparison, that's clean. That's free of bull shit. Nobody is screwing with your head. 

But, in this case, they screwed with everybody's head. They treated everyone in America like a mark, like livestock, like prey. And what were preying on was your mind.

I mentioned that in the new movie Jason Bourne, there is a great line: "Privacy is freedom." Well, you know what else is freedom? Being told the truth is freedom. Because: when you are subjected to lies, manipulation, to immersion in a false, fabricated reality, your very mind gets compromised. Your perception of reality gets distorted. And, to accurately perceive reality is the most life-sustaining and life-preserving ability that you have. It is also the hallmark of your autonomy and independence. The illusion of what happened on November 22, 1963 was cast upon the people of this country- all 190 million of them. And the people who cast this illusion did so with utter contempt for the American people. "The dumb rubes will believe whatever we tell them" was their attitude. I don't think anybody despised and disdained the American people more than Allen Dulles. He had such a low regard for them. He had utter contempt for them. He considered them like sheep: to be herded, sheered, and led to pasture.  

In other words, on November 22, 1963, and also on November 24, we got played; we got conned; we got used. 

When fraud gets committed in a business transaction, it's considered a crime. Well, this was fraud on a much larger scale, and with much more at stake than any finite amount of money or property. 

So, in other words, we were ALL victims that day. They targeted all of us. 

They justified it on the basis that John Kennedy was a threat to America's freedoms and values. But, that was delusional because it was THEY who were, not just the threat to, but the destroyer of America's freedoms and values. They operated under the maniacal idea that fighting the Cold War justified anything. Absolutely anything, including cold-blooded murder. 

Why didn't they try to remove Kennedy: Constitutionally? Why didn't they try to have him impeached? The Founders considered that a madman could wind up in power, and that there had to be a way to get rid of him. So, they put a means to do so in the Constitution.  Truth be told: they shat on the US Constitution that day. 

The official story of the JFK assassination has been an attack on our minds since Day 1, and it continues to this day. Of course, the people who did it, who carried out the atrocity, are practically all gone. Who's left? George HW Bush? He is still alive, but I have the impression that his physical and mental decline, due to aging, is so great, that he has already been relieved him of the burden of this. 

The defense of the official JFK story isn't really about defending the individuals who were involved. Take LBJ. He was a scoundrel, and everybody knows it. It's part of our history that he lied about the Tonkin Gulf incident in order to escalate and expand the Vietnam War. It's in our history books. And it caused the deaths of millions. LBJ was a liar, an infamous liar. From early on, he was called "Lyin' Lyndon." Do you really think he lied about Vietnam but told the truth about JFK?

The fact is that government and media- as a complex, the government/media complex- is so heavily vested in the official JFK story, that it is they who are on trial over it now - not the individuals. It's the whole damn system that owns the official JFK story, which they have been pushing for over half a century, and they keep pushing it because it is the stature, integrity, and images of these institutions that are at stake. The explosion of JFK truth on the scene of American society- where everyone realizes that Oswald didn't do it, that he was standing in the doorway of the Book Depository at the time of the shots- would entail no soft landing for them. The consequences would be huge; they would be systemic; and they know it. Make no mistake: it would be a national crisis; and not because some men killed Kennedy over half a century ago, but because a great many more men and the highest institutions in the land have been lying about it for over half a century. There's the rub.    

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