Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A very important video has been brought to my attention. It is so important, I have sent it out to the OIC members, with this intro:

I  have been made aware of a very important Youtube video which I wish to bring to your attention. It features OIC member Jim Marrs, but the main speaker is Doctor Grover Proctor, and what he talks about his Oswald's attempted call to US intelligence agent John Hurt in North Carolina the night of November 23. It was the night before Oswald was killed. 

Dr. Proctor provides evidence that Oswald definitely tried to make the call, that it was outgoing. He also explained why he thinks that John Hurt was probably Oswald's "cut-out". He said that in the intelligence world, they put a buffer between the mole (Oswald) and his handlers, and this buffer was called a cut-out. That's all Hurt was, says Proctor. Then, he quoted Victor Marchetti who said that back in the '50s, the Office of Naval Intelligence had a program being run out of Nags Head NC that involved recruiting disaffected serviceman and sending them to Russia as false defectors. And it was the same area code as the call to Hurt!  Then, he cites someone else who claimed to have seen Oswald at Nags Head. 

And he finished with a very interesting and eerie question: 
Was Oswald really an intelligence agent, or was he just someone who was being made to think he was an intelligence agent, when he really was just an intelligence pawn? Dr. Proctor thinks it's the latter.

But, here's something he didn't say, which I am saying: 

Oswald must have tried to reach out to Hurt to get get him off the hook, to tell the DPD and FBI that Oswald worked with US intelligence, and there's no way he would have shot, or did shoot, the President. But, isn't it likely that Oswald would have told his interrogators, "Listen, I am going to call a US intelligence agent, and he can contact the people in US Intelligence who will vouch for me and tell you that I am working with them and that I didn't do this." 

If the aim of the call was to get US Intelligence to vouch for him, why wouldn't Oswald tell his interrogators?

So, I think he did tell them. "I work for U.S. Intelligence." He probably cited Hurt's name, and he may have cited other names. Of course, none of it got written down in anyone's notes or report.      

The Dallas Police stopped the call from going through. But, I would suggest to you that the urgency to kill Oswald was based partly on this. And they had to know that once he got a lawyer, he would surely tell the lawyer the same things, and it would all come out, and I mean publicly. They could not let that happen. So, they had to kill him.

And that brings us to Jack Ruby. Poor Jack Ruby. He showed up at that garage within an hour before the televised spectacle. They went through an act with him, which he, in his demented, drugged state could not figure out, in which they arrested him for shooting Oswald. When Ruby kept saying to them, "What are you doing? You know me. I'm Jack Ruby." why did he say that? If he had just shot Oswald, he would have known why they were pouncing on him. Wouldn't he? But, he hadn't, and he honestly didn't know why they were doing it. So, they rush him out of there, take him up to the 5th floor for processing, and then shortly later, put on the spectacle with Bookhout. That is really what happened. And to ANYONE, including all of you, if you think you "see" Jack Ruby in that garage, you are only "seeing" him with your mind. Not with you eyes. There is absolutely nothing about the Garage Shooter that visually defines him as Jack Ruby. And if you look closely, you'll see that he has features that split from Ruby. 

Here is Dr. Proctor's excellent video:

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