Tuesday, May 23, 2017

If Blackie Harrison ALONE had control of "Ruby" as we see here, it would be enough to completely contain him and control him. But, in addition, there were all the other cops who were bearing down on him.  The idea that the struggle didn't end right here is ridiculous.  The idea that "Ruby" continued to resist from here is ridiculous. The idea that the struggle went anywhere from here is ridiculous.  To get out of that predicament and keep fighting, Jack Ruby would have had to be Superman. 

But wait: How did they know they were going to drag him into the building? Shouldn't some of them have assumed that they were just going to put him down to the ground and cuff him right there? There was no verbal direction. Nobody yelled: "Let's take him inside!" So, was this some kind of non-verbal communication? Did they read each other's minds? With no preparation, no discussion, and no understanding, how did these men know what they, as a group, were doing? And don't tell me that it came from police experience because that is NOT what police do, drag a guy off somewhere without cuffing him.  

And, that's a pretty big pileup, so how did they get through the door? How many could have fit through the door with Ruby?   One of two at the most? And what happened once they were inside? Did "Ruby" finally give up? Why? Just from being inside? And if he could fend off a whole swarm of cops, then reduced to one or two, "Ruby" should have had the advantage. But look how sheepish and docile Ruby quickly became. He looks so tame, nobody is even looking at him or paying attention to him. Is this the same guy who was mightily fending off a bevy of big cops just moments before?

No, it's not. He was upstairs on the 5th floor at that time. And note that in his account that during his struggle (which came before) he was talking to them, saying, "Hey, it's me, Jack Ruby. You know me." You know very well that that didn't happen during the televised event. We don't hear it, and we don't see it. There is no point or place where it could have happened. Plus, it's ridicuous! WHY WOULD HE SAY THAT IF HE JUST SHOT A MAN AND TRIED TO SHOOT ANOTHER? James Leavelle said that after shooting Oswald, that Ruby pointed the gun at him and tried to pull the trigger, and that his partner LC Graves prevented it and saved his life. We don't see that either, but if it were true, why would Ruby say what he did? How stupid do you have to be not to know that police take offense when you point guns at them and pull the trigger? So, why did Ruby say what he did? BECAUSE HE HADN'T DONE ANYTHING. It was a prior incident. Ruby got there earlier. They're lying about when he was at Western Union. It may have been an hour before or the better part of an hour before. Then, while he was being processed on the 5th floor, they put on the spectacle in the garage with James Bookhout playing Ruby. Then, they brought the real Ruby down from the 5th floor and paraded him around the jail office just to insert him into the scene. But, they forget about his jacket. At that point in time, if he was the garage shooter the world saw, his jacket would still have been on.  

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