Wednesday, May 31, 2017

This image of so-called "Jack Ruby" on the right is ridiculous. It's like a cartoon. Nobody's neck is that straight, and Ruby's certainly wasn't, as you can see on the left. So, besides having a scruffy neck (scruffy with fuzzy hair growth) he had an anatomically normal neck, unlike the freak on the right. And not only is his neck freaky, but so is his head. Notice on the left how the back of Ruby's head bulges out past his neck. That is normal. It's normal on everybody. On the right, he's like a cartoon character with an impossibly straight neck and an impossibly flat head. It is a highly manipulated image. And if you wondering why they gave him that high, horizontal hairline and cleanly razored neck, it's because that's how Bookhout was. It's not how Ruby was; it's how Bookhout was; and they wanted to make him consistent with the short pudgy "Ruby" who rushed Oswald. Of course, his ear is terribly distorted with inky black shadow obscuring the crater of his ear. His whole ear is a monstrosity. They apparently tried to make it look like Ruby's, but failed miserably, and who knows what it looked like originally. That guy was most definitely not Jack Ruby, and he's not close to looking like Jack Ruby. It is a joke, a farce, and an absurdity to claim that he is Jack Ruby. You really have to be dense to say such a thing; or just plain wicked. Oh, but for the evil of it all. Heaven help us for what we have been through. 

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