Saturday, May 6, 2017

Reportedly, Leavelle's left wrist was handcuffed to Oswald's right wrist. On a very short chain. That means that Leavelle's left wrist was at Oswald's right wrist at all times- until the cuffs were removed. So, Leavelle's left hand and Oswald's right hand were together. Side by side. But, how is that possible here?

Where is Leavelle's left hand? It is underneath Oswald. It is underneath his right upper back, That's where he's carrying him. That's where Leavelle's left hand is, but where is Oswald's right hand? It is not under his upper back. Don't tell me that Leavelle twisted Oswald's arm to get his hand under his upper back. Nobody would do that. Nobody could do that. Try it yourself. You can get your hand to your lower back, but you can't get it to your upper back.  If Leavelle's hand couldn't go there, then Oswald's hand couldn't go there. 

Here they are supposedly removing the cuff after moving Oswald.

You see Levelle's left hand and Oswald's right hand. So, if Leavelle's left hand was underneath Oswald's upper back then so was Oswald's right hand. But how? It can't possibly go there. 

Leavelle could not lift and carry Oswald without first removing the handcuffs, but he claims he didn't do that until they put him down inside. So, what is the truth?

Leavelle definitely did NOT have his hand in Oswald's pants. That is a lie, and it was faked in the films and photos, as you see here:

That is fake. It cannot possibly be Leavelle's hand. 

So, in none of the images is Oswald handcuffed to himself. And every image of Leavelle snugging his hand up to Oswald looks fake and glaringly so.  

I don't think there were any handcuffs involved, and it makes sense that there wouldn't be because they were all in on it. They knew Oswald was going to get "shot" and therefore go through the motions of being shot, needing to fall to the ground, etc. So, he needed to be free and mobile. And then Leavelle had to carry Oswald inside which he couldn't do if he was handcuffed to him. And think about it: why would Leavelle need to cuff himself to Oswald? How was that going to protect Oswald? How was that going to stop him from being shot? What was the purpose of it? To keep Oswald from running away? But, that is ridiculous. Was it to keep someone from grabbing Oswald and dragging him away? But, that is also ridiculous. They were in a police garage and walking 20 feet to a police car. Oswald was not in any way benefited in his safety by being handcuffed to Leavelle. I don't believe it happened. 

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