Thursday, May 18, 2017

So, Jack Ruby MUST have been hypnotized to go to the police garage. The plotters were never going to just hope that he went there. They had to be sure he did. And, it had to be THAT WEEKEND that he was hypnotized to do it because it was hoped that Oswald would be killed in the theater. Framing Ruby as Oswald's killer was just Plan B. It didn't materialize until Oswald survived his apprehension by police. 

So, let's see if we can figure when it happened, where it happened, and by whom. Who put him under? Fortunately, there are some painstakingly detailed timelines of Ruby's movements and activities for the whole weekend, that is until, 11:21 Sunday morning. Here is one by M.A. Moyer and Betty Windsor. They explain at the beginning how they went about compiling it. 

We know that David Ferrie was a hypnotist. Whether he knew and was connected to Jack Ruby is debated. But, I also found out that Jack Ruby had a hypnotist in his employ. He did stage hypnotism at the Carousel Club. His name was William Crowe, and his stage name was Bill DeMar. 

I'll continue with that shortly, but I want to point out something now that is VERY important. In that painstaking timeline by Moyer and Windsor, there is NOTHING about Ruby going to the DPD on Friday afternoon. Do you remember what we were told? That when Oswald was brought to the DPD, getting there about 2 PM from the Texas Theater, that milling around in the hallway near the Homicide Bureau was Jack Ruby.

Here's the link again to the timeline. See if it says anything about Ruby being at the DPD at 2:00 or any time on Friday afternoon. It refers to him attending the Midnight Press Conference that night but not a word about him going to the DPD in the afternoon.

So, what does it mean? It means that Ruby did NOT go to the DPD the afternoon of November 22. It means that that guy above was NOT Jack Ruby. He was a Ruby impostor.

Why would they want to make it seem like Ruby was there? It was just to make him seem like he was stalking Oswald, obsessed with him.

Note that Ruby's nose did not hook down bird-like like that. And note that Ruby wasn't as bald as this guy.

So, the guy at the DPD was NOT Jack Ruby. He was a Jack Ruby double. But, the very fact that they had a Ruby double tells you that the official story must be bogus. It must be a lie. That Ruby had a double tells you that he was being set up. And he was set up. He was set up to be Oswald's killer without really being the one who did it.   

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