Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Another consideration that bears on this discussion of the shirts, and again, I do mean shirts, plural, because that's what we're looking at, is the fact that the images of Oswald's shirt at the time were taken with 1963 photography or film. And we all know how poor the quality was. But, this image was taken with 2013 photography.

Plus, I'll remind you that some of the images from the JFK assassination were deliberately blurred, such as the Dave Wiegman film.

That is Lee Harvey Oswald there in plain view, so they had to obscure him and distort him, and obviously, they couldn't do it to him in isolation. So, the result is that there are no discernible faces. This was taken by NBC. That's NBC News. Don't you think they could have and would have provided Wiegman with the best equipment available?

The best quality footage is that of "Lovelady" in the doorway, (you know, like "Ruby" in the garage) which first surfaced in 1966, so three years later, in response to Harold Weisberg bellyaching that Lovelady wore a short-sleeved striped shirt.

Never mind the fact that that guy smoking in the flashy red shirt isn't Lovelady and that Lovelady wasn't there at the time but rather inside the building guarding the freight elevator and then giving police a tour of the 6th floor. And never mind the fact that that is supposed to be Bonnie Ray Williams on the left in the brown shirt, and he was skinnier than that, much skinnier, and he was up on the 5th floor watching the motorcade, and when he came down the stairs he ran into police who stopped him and Jarman and Norman and took their statements. And, he said, specifically, that they wouldn't allow anyone to go outside. And never mind the fact that the pale guy in black with the black hair with his head turned is supposed to be the very dark-skinned Danny Arce who said that, like Lovelady and Shelley, he went up to the railway area to look around after the shooting and then around to the back door to re-enter the building and was not milling around out in front. And never mind the fact that the others also are of doubtful authenticity. For instance, the old guy in the fedora hat: who is he and what did he want? You know he didn't work there. If he worked there, we'd know who he was. And who is the old woman on the right? You know she didn't work there. Who is the woman in the curlers? She came to a Presidential motorcade with curlers? Who is the woman in the scarf? At this point, it was what? In the 70s? What did she need the scarf for? Windy was it? Muslim was she? But, never mind never-minding any of it. Mind it all. It's bogus. The whole clip is a bogus pile of crap. But image-wise, it is probably the best there is from the whole JFK assassination. And they tried to tell us that it was taken with the camera of postal employee Jack Martin.

I dare say that the image on the left was not taken with the same camera as the image on the right. 

But, I digress. Let's get back to the image of the Newseum shirt.

Note that the shirt is on a makeshift torso, so we are seeing it being worn. So, what excuse is there for not showing the way Oswald wore it?

You see how it's all folded over, right? You see how soft the shirt was, including the collar, which enabled it to do that. Do you think this shirt could do that?

Of course it couldn't; not in a million years. It is a standard American shirt. And that is the big lie: that Oswald wore a standard American shirt. He did not. His shirt came from Russia, and it got here the same way he did.

Notice in the above image that Oswald has a "lapel" comparable to and similar to that of Detective Boyd who is wearing a jacket. Could this shirt do that?

Again, not in a million years. It is a standard American shirt. They have been lying to us about this for 53 years and counting. 

And I don't think we should assume that anything about this image is an accident. For instance, what is causing the unusual lightness in the shirt pattern on the left side, that is, our left? Is that supposed to be a lighting effect? But, they were in control of the lighting. And look at the focused ball of light on the right sleeve, and again, that is our right. That obviously is due to light, but what light? Was it just an accident? Huh. Yeah, it was just an accident like what happened to Kennedy was an accident. And by the way, none of the color differences we see can be attributed to wear because there is also this image of the shirt:

That, believe it or not, is supposed to be the same shirt. It reminds me of UT's burnt orange. Hook em Horns. 

Do you think Oswald's shirt was as flashy as that? Of course not, and the other image proves it.

And it shows that when the lying Nazi American government lies, it does so in spades and with complete abandon. And they have their formerly jackbooted bpetes to target and harrass and commit crimes against people like me, and traveling interstate to do it, which makes it a federal crime. But, that's what we are dealing with: a Nazi regime, and one that most certainly killed John F. Kennedy. How ironic that Kennedy's own murderers were in charge of the investigation into his death. And they have been in charge of the cover-up from the beginning, which continues unabated to this very day. But, it's hopeless for them. They have as much chance of surviving as the German Nazis or the Russian Soviets.  The truth about what really happened is, like the genie, already out of the bottle. And there is no getting her back in. Oh, how sweet it is. Barring my assassination, I expect to live long enough to see the whole edifice of lies crumble. 


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