Friday, May 19, 2017

We all know what time Oswald was brought to the Homicide Bureau. It was 2:00. We can even see it on the goofy "clock on a coat hanger" that they installed into the film just to sell us on 2:00.

OK, so we're sold. So, where was Jack Ruby at 2:00?

According to Morley and Windsor, Ruby was at the Carousel Club at 2:00. According to them, there is a phone record that proves that he called his sister Eileen in Chicago at 2:05 from the Carousel Club, and the call lasted for 8 minutes. And according to them, it is "verified." It's in the phone record of the phone company. 

While Ruby was on the phone with his sister, Alice Nichols called on another line, and at 2:15, he returned the call to Alice.

According to Ruby attorney Elmer Gertz, who wrote Moment of Madness, at 2:30, Jack went to Rita's Delicatessen and bought quite a few food items to take to his sister Eve.

At 2:37, Ruby reportedly called his friend Alexander Gruber in Los Angeles from the Carousel Club.

According to Larry Crafard, Ruby left the Carousel Club shortly after 3 and went to his sister Eve's house. According to her, he only stayed there 8 to 10 minutes. 

You can continue to follow his movements that afternoon:  

But, at no point did he go to the Dallas Police Department that afternoon. Therefore, this must be a bogus image, that of a Ruby impostor. 

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