Sunday, May 7, 2017

That Joseph Backes is stupid is something that I, and everyone with sense, has known for a long time. He actually thinks that I thought that the tv movie of the Oswald shooting was the real footage.

Everyone knows it was in black and white, and everyone knows it never looked like this. Of course, it's the tv movie. But, the point, you stupid ignoramus, is that that is the real Jim Leavelle. He was an actor in the movie, playing himself, and he was an advisor to the makers of the movie. So, if he depicted it this way, don't we have the right to assume that that's how he's claiming it was? 

In the movie, they made the point of showing us the hands cuffed.

In the movie, after Ruby shoots Oswald, Leavelle shoves on Ruby's left shoulder. In his testimony, Leavelle claimed to do that BEFORE the shot, but he actually never did it. This is entirely fictitious. It never happened. Leavelle just made it up.

 And look at it. Oswald is veering back as though the bullet blasted his whole body back. Bullets don't do that. Bullets cut through people; they don't blast their whole body back. The energy of the bullet is not transferred to the body as a whole. In reality, when Oswald was shot, he crumpled forward and down. And then, on his power, he went backwards and up on his toes. He changed direction. The bullet didn't change direction. The forces on him didn't change direction. But, he did because he wanted to.

 And then, when Leavelle picked Oswald up, his left arm and hand were up by Oswald's head, but Oswald's right hand wasn't up there.
There, the actor playing Oswald is crunching, as in doing a sit-up, and he's doing it in order to keep his head from falling down. But, the unconscious Oswald couldn't do that. How could Leavelle's left hand, which is underneath Oswald, be juxtaposed with Oswald's right hand? Does Oswald have his own right hand underneath his own right shoulder? THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE!

And then they get around to removing the cuffs, which they would have had to do before in order for Leavelle to carry Oswald.

And note that it just breaks to that. They don't show you Leavelle putting Oswald down and then proceeding to remove the cuffs. They didn't show it that way because they couldn't do it that way, the laws of physics being what they are. So, this was fraud. Leavelle was not handcuffed to that actor when he was carrying him. He carried him without being handcuffed to him. Then, off camera, he put him down and then installed the handcuffs, and then they resumed filming and taking the cuffs off. It was cinematic fraud. And fraud- fake stuff- is done all the time in movies, and nobody minds because it's just fiction; it's just entertainment. But, we are talking here about a very important event in history, and this wasn't about entertaining; it was about deceiving. 

And you, Backes, are about nothing but stupidity. You were born stupid. You've live every day of your life stupid. And every time you open your mouth, you say something stupid.

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