Saturday, May 13, 2017

So, Jim Leavelle said that he "shoved" on "Ruby's" shoulder, while at the same time "jerking" Oswald behind him. 

"I reached up and caught a hold of Jack Ruby's shoulder, his left shoulder, and shoved back on it, at the same time pulling on Oswald." 

That he had the nerve to tell such an outrageous lie is quite amazing, and all I can gather from it is that he knew that no one in government or media would challenge him on it.  Still, it's amazing considering that we have multiple videos showing no such action on his part and no action of any kind on his part until after the shot. He never jerked Oswald anywhere, period. But, he did engage the shooter (Bookhout) after the shot, in which he bore down on the nape of his neck, pushing him down, as seen here. 

When you consider the dominance he had in that position there, how could it not end there, the struggle? How could "Ruby" not be put in shackles right then and there and be thus contained and restrained? The idea that the pandemonium would continue after this- and the fight go on- is as preposterous as the idea that Oswald killed Kennedy. 

"I immediately picked Oswald up then with another officer, I don't remember who that was, and carried him back into the jail office to get him away from the area."

This was the same day- the very same day- and he couldn't remember. 

But, how could he "immediately" pick Oswald up when he was handcuffed to him? If his left wrist was tied to Oswald's right wrist by a two inch chain, how could he pick up him? And Leavelle never should have made that television movie; it was stupid. He never should have committed to carrying Oswald this way:

Leavelle's left arm is presumably under Oswald's back at the top of his back, supporting him. But, how could Oswald's right hand also be under his back? It couldn't. It wasn't. Yet, Leavelle was not only an actor but also a technical advisor to this project. It was no doubt his idea to do it this way. After all, what excuse did they have not to do it the way Leavelle actually did it? Why wouldn't they?

Here is Leavelle finally removing the cuff after Oswald as put down. 

So, there you see Oswald's right arm, right alongside his body. But, where was it during the carry? Leavelle had to get his hand up to the top of Oswald's body, and then his arm underneath Oswald's body, but how could Oswald's hand go there? The only thing Oswald could have been made to do in that situation is flex his elbow to get his hand up. But, once it's flexed, then what? Try it yourself. Flex your elbow so that your hand is above your shoulder. Where can you go with it from there? Nowhere. You can't take that hand underneath you. So, in the movie, Leavelle carried "Oswald" without the cuffs on, and they didn't show us him putting Oswald down- and for good reason. Then, they must have gotten the cuffs on Leavelle and Oswald so that they could film him taking them off. It was a complete fraud.  Now look at this:

Do you see the way Leavelle's upper arm and and forearm are not aligned? His upper arm is coming straight down; it is in a neutral position. But, his forearm is jutting out to the side. That is IMPOSSIBLE. The upper arm and the forearm are always aligned. The main action that can take place between them is flexion and extension. There is rotation, but the effect of that is to pronate and supinate the hand; that's all. The upper arm and forearm can't be deviated from each other as we are seeing here. It is anatomically impossible. You can't jut your forearm out like that. It is a bogus image. They built it. They concocted it. And they did it to support Leavelle's claim of having his hand in Oswald's pants. If your upper arm is neutral and aligned with your body, then so is your forearm. 

Let's look at it up closer.

That is impossible. The upper arm is coming straight down, aligned with the body. The forearm can't go jutting out like that. The joint won't allow it. That is ridiculous. And it only goes to show that killers know nothing about anatomy. They just make shit up. Let's have the arm do this. Let's have the arm do that. 

Jim Leavelle was and is into this up to his neck. Of course, he wasn't alone. And, he's not the only culprit still living. And I'm sure the operation had the blessing of J. Edgar Hoover and Lyndon Johnson. They ordered it.  The country needed closure. The country needed to get back to work, back to the business of America. And that couldn't happen until Oswald was dead."So, do now what a jury would ultimately do anyway."  And that brings us back to Jack Ruby. Stay tuned. 

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