Sunday, May 28, 2017

Robert Glenn And this guy's jowels seem more profound than what Ruby seemed to exhibit.
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Ralph Cinque That's a good point, Robert. You're really left with nothing to match to Jack Ruby. He's way too tall. This guy was almost as tall as Blackie Harrison, who was a giant. It is "other-worldly" to claim that he is Jack Ruby. But, neither was he the short tyke who rushed Oswald. What I think is that this was a guy who was there who they just decided to turn into Jack Ruby. His eyes were different so they gave him sunglasses to cover them up- a photographic trick. They gave him that weird neck in back, not to match Ruby, but to match Bookhout because he was razored like that. They altered his ear to make it kinda like Ruby's, though it sure looks a mess. And the way they slapped disparate pieces together, they wound up with that ridiculous spread between his sideburn and his ear. The whole image of this guy is a monstrosity. Who knows what they started with. This may be the weirdest piece of photographic shit in the JFK assassination.

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