Saturday, May 13, 2017

This image of Leavelle and Oswald from behind was sent to me by The Wizard, and it has some telling things in it.

At that point in time, just a moment before Oswald was shot, Leavelle's arm was bent about 90 degrees. We know that because it seems to end at the elbow. If his arm was down, we'd obviously see it down. And it if it was in-between down and 90 degrees, we'd see that too. But, the fact that we see nothing below the elbow tells us that it was bent about 90 degrees. And he certainly did NOT have his hand in Oswald's pants at that point. The very idea that they were walking along with Leavelle's hand in Oswald's pants is preposterous. When has that ever happened before or since in the annals of police work? It is simply a lie, and they did an awful lot of image-altering in order to tell it. 

It is just ridiculous what they tried to do, these childish people. 

This is obviously the short impostor (Bookhout) not the tall one who was behind Blackie Harrison. He too had a cleanly razored neck, and when they did what they did to the images of the other guy, they were trying to match him, not Jack Ruby.

 You'd think these guys would have been smart enough to think about how Ruby actually was and realize that people could look for themselves and compare. 

 But no, they didn't think about that, and they weren't smart at all. They were, in fact, very, very stupid. Brazen and stupid.

And here is another great find by The Wizard. It so happened that Ruby's barber was a bit sloppy in trimming his sideburn, and he stripped some hair out leaving a gap in the sideburn. Of course, the same was not also true of Bookhout.

So, on the top, do you see that thin area in the sideburn?  It makes it look like a gap. But of course, Bookhout didn't have the gap. Credit for spotting this goes to The Wizard.

Ruby also had a mole in his temple area.

Do you see it now? 

Of course, the Garage Shooter had no such mole.

It's over, people. That guy was Bookhout. I don't know who the tall impostor was, but the short one wielding the gun was FBI Agent James Bookhout. And there isn't the slightest iota of doubt about that. 

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