Sunday, May 7, 2017

There were two Jack Rubys in the garage: a tall one and a short one. And we can use Detective Blackie Harrison as our yard stick. The first Jack Ruby was almost as tall as the very tall Blackie Harrison, as you can see in the top frame. The second Jack Ruby looks like a Pigmy compared to Blackie Harrison, who has to reach down to him. 

So, what does it tell you that there were two Jack Rubys in the garage? It should tell you that neither one was the real Jack Ruby; that he wasn't there. And he wasn't. The real Jack Ruby was already up on the 5th floor being processed. 

Jack Ruby did NOT shoot Lee Harvey Oswald. The whole thing was a hoax: a made-for-television hoax. And it was until, very recently, the best kept secret of the JFK assassination. But, they ain't getting that genie back in the bottle. Truth is rising. 

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